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BYSTRONIC/LISEC 2700 mm line - insulated glass production line, 2700 x 4500 mm
  • Category: Insulated glass (IG) production - Production lines
  • Process:Insulated glass production line, 2700 x 4500 mm
  • Code:60177
  • Manufacturer: BYSTRONIC/LISEC
  • Model:2700 mm line
  • Year:1994-2011
  • Condition: Reserved

Insulated glass production line

Maximum working height: 2700 mm

Maximum IG unit size: 2500 x 4500 mm (limitation by LISEC VHW washing machine 2500 mm height)

Working direction: from right to left

Maximum IG unit thickness: 12 - 60 mm

Line consists of:
- Inlet conveyor LISEC RTV-38/25WE,
- Washing machine LISEC VHW-25V8, 
- Outlet conveyor LISEC RTV-27/25ST, 
- Conveyor BYSTRONIC TB LK, 
- Assembly and frame-mounting station BYSTRONIC VR, 
- Conveyor BYSTRONIC TB LK, 
- Gas filling press BYSTRONIC ZPG, 
- Conveyor BYSTRONIC TB LK, 
- Cork applicator BYSTRONIC DA, 
- Automatic sealing robot VA with Polyurethane (PU) Kommerling GD 677.

Line is capable of producing triple units, shaped units and 3-sided stepped units

Line is about 35,7 meters long

Very good and clean condition

Good working order

As is

Available immediately

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