Privacy policy

We respect and protect the privacy of each website visitor and we hereby undertake to process and maintain any data provided by you fairly and lawfully.  




Your personal data controller is GlassBaltic, LLC. Our contact details are available at:




GlassBaltic, LLC collects personal data about:

(a)   persons who fill out contact forms to receive GlassBaltic, LLC newsletters (1), want to contact GlassBaltic, LLC (2), want to sell their machinery (3) or request for additional information about the machinery that is for sale by GlassBaltic, LLC (4). The following data is collected: first name and surname; company name; e-mail address; telephone number; post code; country. By filling above mentioned contact forms, you give your consent to GlassBaltic, LLC for collection and processing of personal data provided by you so that GlassBaltic, LLC could send you newsletters, information about the machinery and provide you with latest company news.

(b)   website visitors (see paragraph COOKIES);

(c)   social network users who contact GlassBaltic, LLC in any way through the GlassBaltic, LLC accounts on social networks or participate in them by their active actions (see paragraph SOCIAL NETWORKS);




We use collected data:

(a)   for marketing purposes, on the basis of your consent: to send you e-mails containing news (newsletters), and information about the machinery for sale by GlassBaltic, LLC.

(b)   to improve the functioning of our website so that you could easily find what you are looking for;

(c)   for contacting you and answering your enquiries. 

We hereby undertake not to hand over your personal data to any unrelated third parties, except in the following cases:

(a)   if you have given your consent to the disclosure of personal data;

(b)   to law enforcement institutions under the procedure laid down in the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania;

(c)   to our service providers (IT system maintenance companies).




Personal data are protected against loss, unauthorized use and alteration. Please be reminded that even though we take proper actions to protect your information, not a single website, online operation, computer system or wireless connection is fully secure. 




You have the right, under the procedure laid down by the law: 

(a)   to receive information about your personal data, from where and how were your personal data collected, and on what basis we process it;

(b)   to request GlassBaltic, LLC to correct your personal data, to suspend the processing of such data, or to withdraw your consent to GlassBaltic, LLC for collection and processing of your personal data, to delete such data if it is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, or if it is no longer needed for the original purposes for which it was collected. In such event you should submit an application and, having received it, we will verify the provided information and take necessary actions. It is very important to us that your personal data held by us is accurate;

(c)   to apply to GlassBaltic, LLC with a request to delete personal data or suspend the actions of processing such personal data, to disagree that your personal data is processed where this data is processed or is intended to be processed for the purposes specified above or for the purpose of the legitimate interest sought by GlassBaltic, LLC or the third party to which your personal data is provided;

(d)   to request to transfer your data; 

Should you have any questions regarding the processing of personal data or this Privacy Policy, or if you have any proposals, please contact us by e-mail:




A cookie is a small text file of letters and numbers which, subject to your consent, we place on your browser or the hard disk of your computer. We use different cookies for different purposes. Cookies also help us distinguish you from other website users, thus ensuring that the use of our website is an even more pleasant experience and enabling us to improve our website. 

Most web browsers allow rejecting all the cookies, whereas some browsers enable to reject only third-party cookies, therefore you can take advantage of these options. However, please have in mind that the blocking of all cookies will have a negative impact upon the usability of the website and without cookies you will not be able to use all the services provided on the website. 

On our website, we use the following cookies:

(a)   Session cookies. They are intended to improve the functioning of the website and collect general (anonymous) information about the use of the website.

(b)   Analytics cookies (tracking cookies from Google Analytics). These cookies enable GlassBaltic, LLC to recognise and calculate website visitors and track how visitors move through its website. This helps GlassBaltic, LLC improve the functioning of the website, for example, to ensure that users could easily find what they are looking for.

(c)   Live Chat cookies. These cookies are used to help website visitors to receive a live chat support. This enables GlassBaltic, LLC to distinguish different visitors in the website by giving each visitor a separate ID (identification) code.
How to disable cookies. Most browsers are initially set up to automatically accept cookies. If you have information how and for what purposes they are used, you can decide whether you should leave cookies enabled or whether you should disable them in your browser. Most browsers allow you to control cookies through their settings preferences. If you do not want to accept cookies, you can select the setting to reject all cookies or to receive a warning each time a cookie is created. We would like to warn you that, if you disable cookies, you may be unable to use some of the functions available. If you do not want to accept cookies, you can set your browser to reject all cookies or to receive a warning each time a cookie is created.  

These provisions can be amended without a separate notice because we comply with the legal acts regulating the use of cookies and have regard to generally accepted practices related to the use of cookies.  

The provisions of this Privacy Policy are governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania. Any disputes arising in connection with these privacy provisions will be resolved by way of negotiations, and in the event of a failure to do so, in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania.




All information that you provide to us via social media (including notices, the use of the fields Like and Follow and other communications) is controlled by the social network provider.

The links to our accounts on social networks are provided on our website. Currently, we have the following accounts:

(a) on the Facebook network, the privacy notice of which is available at:;

(b) on the LinkedIn network, the privacy notice of which is available at:

(c) on the YouTube network, the privacy notice of which is available


We recommend that you should read the privacy notices of the third parties and contact the service providers directly in case you have any questions regarding their use of your personal data.