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BYSTRONIC 2700 mm line - insulated glass production line, 2700 x 4000 mm, l-r
  • Category: Insulated glass (IG) production - Production lines
  • Process:Insulated glass production line, 2700 x 4000 mm, L-R
  • Code:60192
  • Manufacturer: BYSTRONIC
  • Model:2700 mm line
  • Year:2015
  • Condition: Reserved

Insulated glass production line

Very compact, efficient and very little used 

Maximum IG unit size: 2700 x 4000 mm

Maximum insulated glass unit thickness: 60 mm

Working direction: from left to right

Line produced in 2015.12, but installed in 2016

Line consists of:
- Inlet conveyor TB-LK, year: 2015,
- Vertical washing machine GW-D (incl. original water treatment and filtration systems), year: 2015,
- Outlet conveyor TB-LK, year: 2015,
- Frame mounting station VR, year: 2015,
- Frame hanger RQF, year: 2015,
- Outlet conveyor TB-LK, year: 2015,
- Gas press ZPG, year: 2015,
- Outlet conveyor TB-LK, year: 2015,
- Automatic sealing robot with Polyurethane (A x 200L ; B x 20L) for triples, shaped units BYSTRONIC VA 1K V, year 2015.

More technical information can be found attached as Tech. data file

Very good working order

Still in production

Excellent condition

Very little used

As is

Availability August, 2023