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HORIZON 350 - AUTO DRIVE - glass transportation, tilting and rotation device, 350 kg
  • Category: Glass handling - Vacuum lifters
  • Process:Glass transportation, tilting and rotation device, 350 kg
  • Code:0013
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:HORIZON 350 - AUTO DRIVE

HORIZON 350 - AUTODRIVE is the ideal machine for handling glass inside glass processing area.

All main characteristics of HORIZON 350 - AUTO DRIVE are the same as HORIZON 350 - MANUAL DRIVE except HORIZON 350 - AUTO DRIVE has self-propelled rear drive wheel which makes machine even more effective than its manual version.

The main features of HORIZON 350 - AUTO DRIVE are:
- self-propelled rear drive wheel,
- side shift function for precision,
- lifting from horizontal to vertical or vice versa,
- one man operation.

If there is needed extra sefety - machine can be equipped with dual vacuum system.

Machine is capable also lifting stone

All QUATTROLIFTS lifting devices are certified under European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC