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VIPROTRON QUALITY SCANNER 3D - most advanced and innovative glass quality control device
  • Category: Quality control / scanning - Quality scanners
  • Process:Most advanced and innovative glass quality control device
  • Code:0001
  • Manufacturer: VIPROTRON

Quality Scanner reliably detects glass bubbles, scratches, hairline scratches, dirt, glass coating defects and at the same time it can ignore dust or smallest dirt contamination.

The device consists of up to three, independently operating detection channels (each channel scans the glass from a different angle and under different light circumstances):
- 1D Brightfield-channel (inspection in direct view through the glass - for contrastful defects with clear contour),
- 2D Darkfield-channel (inspection in direct view with sunlight simulation from the side - for defects in low contrast and contour),
- 3D Reflection-channel (inspection in direct reflection - reliably detects various coating defects e.g. LowE).

Each customer has different glass quality needs, therefore number of channels is selected based on type of defects customer wish to see.

Posibility to scan transparent and non-transparent (e.g color coated) glasses.

The modular and expandable device can be integrated into already existing production lines. The freely definable quality parameters allow customers to make individual changes depending on their client’s quality standards. If necessary customer can also supply his client with the control results of each glass pane, thanks to the documentation and included archiving system in the software of Quality Scanner.

Quality scanner is an ideal solution for a profitable insulated glass production and glass processing

Quality scanner gives a competitive advantage against competitors producing same production

Quality control is new, innovative, fast and very reliable method to improve your supplied glass quality