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VIPROTRON QUALITY CHECKER - precise final inspection of all areas and specifications of glass
  • Category: Quality control / scanning - Quality scanners
  • Process:Precise final inspection of all areas and specifications of glass
  • Code:0002
  • Manufacturer: VIPROTRON

Quality Checker is positioned at the end of your production line, directly behind an insulated glass production press or glass tempering furnace.

Once installed it guarantees the glass quality you desire. The scanner measures glass width and height, as well as hole positions and diameters, or the exact position of the spacers and Georgian bars – no matter if you are working at normal standards or attempting to meet a higher quality.

Main functions of Quality Checker:
- scanning standard defects on glass: bubbles, stains, tin, foil inclusions, scratches, dirt, butyl and butyl strings in the visible zone,
- performs measuring for spacer bars and georgian bars: spacer position, straightness and corner radius of spacers, straightness and angle of Georgian / mounting bars,
- performs measuring of float, laminated or tempered glass: width and length dimension, hole positioning and diameter, corner sizes.

At the same time, the machine documents all quality relevant results which when needed can be given to the final Client.

Quality Checker is a perfect solution to ensure the required quality of product before delivery

Quality Checker is usually used together with Quality Scanner to ensure that all areas and specifications of glass are correct and acceptable