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LISEC PKL+ATL+ESL-60/30RS+RBA-35+TBX/TBY+BTH-60/30 - glass cutting system with gantry crane, 6000 x 3210 mm
  • Category: Cutting - Shape
  • Process:Glass cutting system with gantry crane, 6000 x 3210 mm
  • Code:10084x1
  • Manufacturer: LISEC
  • Model:PKL+ATL+ESL-60/30RS+RBA-35+TBX/TBY+BTH-60/30
  • Year:2015
  • Condition: As is

Glass cutting system with gantry crane 

For Jumbo glass size (6000 x 3210 mm)

Glass cutting system consists of:
- Gantry crane LISEC PKL,
- Loading table LISEC ATL,
- Glass cutting table with with low-e grinding LISEC ESL-60/30RS,
- X-Y automatic edge trimming station LISEC RBA-35,
- X-Y automatic break-out stations LISEC TBX/TBY,
- X-Y manual break-out tables with tilting LISEC BTH-60/30.

Glass storage racks are not included

Fencing around the glass storage and cutting line is included

Very fast and efficient line

Layout can be found attached as Tech. data file

Excellent condition

Good working order, still in production

As is

Available in March-April, 2024