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GMBM series - vacuum lifter with tilting and rotation, 180-720 kg
  • Category: Glass handling - Vacuum lifters
  • Process:Vacuum lifter with tilting and rotation, 180-720 kg
  • Code:0029
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:GMBM series

Vacuum lifting device for handling single glass sheets with 2, 4, 6 or 8 vacuum pads, manual rotation and manual tilting.

Voltage 220V or 380V depending on customer needs.

Available four models of vacuum lifting devices:
- 2P-GMBM with 2 vacuum pads, 180 kg lifting capacity,
- 4P-GMBM with 4 vacuum pads, 360 kg lifting capacity,
- 6P-GMBM with 6 vacuum pads, 540 kg lifting capacity,
- 8P-GMBM with 8 vacuum pads, 720 kg lifting capacity.

Independent vacuum pump and vacuum tank to guarantee the glass grip even in case of lack of the electrical power.

Acoustic and luminous alarm.

The device stands up on the ground by itself, no frames or supports needed.

Equipment is 100% Made in Italy.

All SCHIAVO machines are CE and international regulations compliant.