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HTL series - horizontal glass washing machine, 500-3300 mm
  • Category: Glass washing - Horizontal
  • Process:Horizontal glass washing machine, 500-3300 mm
  • Code:0025
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:HTL series

HTL series - horizontal glass washing and drying machines suitable for the cleaning and drying of all types of flat glass.

Sturdy and very reliable machine, developed to guarantee a long lasting life time.

Suitable for stand-alone work or in-line installation with other horizontal glass processing machines.

Mechanical components used on HTL series:
- wide use of stainless steel "INOX AISI 304",
- body of machine, washing and rinsing section made of stainless steel "INOX AISI 304",
- cylindrical, rectified and balanced nylon brushes with stainless steel shafts, made of a single-piece (not segmented brushes),
- stainless steel water spraying bars,
- frames and covers treated against corrossion, colored with epoxy powder paint,
- air knives made of stainless steel "INOX AISI 304",
- mechanical parts in contact with water made of aluminium, PVC and stainless steel,
- mechanical parts of transport rollers protected by means of fixed rubber rings,
- electronic components of primary top brands,
- working speed controlled by inventer,
- transport rollers made of vulcanised and rectified rubber rollers, 
- extremely low water consumption due to independent recycling flow systems,
- reduced energy consumption (all motors IE 3).

Machine has very low maintenance costs as well as very easy to use.

For more technical information please see Tech. data file attached.

Machine is 100% Made in Italy.

All SCHIAVO machines are CE and international regulations compliant.