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TOP series - vertical glass washing machine, 1600-3300 mm
  • Category: Glass washing - Vertical
  • Process:Vertical glass washing machine, 1600-3300 mm
  • Code:0024
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:TOP series

TOP series vertical glass washing machines are projected to guarantee a highest quality washing as well as with highest performance. Extremely reliable, yet with very low maintenance costs, TOP series washing machines are designed to deliver a superior washing quality with the best technology available.

TOP series machines are suitable for stand-alone or in-line use. Connection with other machines like insulating glass lines, vertical CN machines and other vertical glass processing machines is simple.

There are few TOP series models available: starting from 1600 mm washing height to 3300 mm height, each machine can be adopted for every customer needs.

For more technical information please see Tech. data file attached.

Machine is 100% Made in Italy.

All SCHIAVO machines are CE and international regulations compliant.