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GLASSBOY 350 - vacuum lifter with tilting and rotation, 350 kg
  • Category: Glass handling - Vacuum lifters
  • Process:Vacuum lifter with tilting and rotation, 350 kg
  • Code:0017
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:GLASSBOY 350

GLASSBOY 350 is a vacuum lifter usually attached to the overhead crane or below any other hooks.

GLASSBOY 350 is very reliable, efficient and safe method of handling nearly any material including glass, metal, stone, plastics and various laminates. 

The main features of GLASSBOY 350 are:
- dual vacuum system for extra safety,
- manual tilt to 90 degrees,
- manual rotation 360 degrees,
- 350 kg lifting capacity.

Optionally GLASSBOY 350 can be supplied with:
- extension arms,
- extra vacuum cups to increase lifting capacity to 500 kg, 
- vacuum cups for curved glass.

There is a special GLASSBOY 350 vacuum lifter which is used together with forklift (lifting capacity 400 kg) (see last pictures).

All QUATTROLIFTS lifting devices are certified under European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.